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Automating Social Media Promotion with CoSchedule

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. The author has received a discount on a CoSchedule subscription in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

Nearly every blogging expert will tell you that one of the best ways to increase your website traffic is to use social media. When used well, social media posts can help more potential viewers learn about your content, and can entice them to click into your blog. A good social media strategy isn’t just a “one and done” thing. You’ll need to make a series of repeating posts with different keywords and pictures to draw new visitors to your content.

This gets even more difficult when you’re managing and promoting multiple websites, as I do. To make it even more complex, think about adding in email marketing to your existing subscribers. Layering that into your content strategy is enough to make want to pull out my hair!

Fortunately, there are tools to make this easier. I’ve tried several of them…and CoSchedule is the best I’ve found out there.

CoSchedule makes it dead easy for me to schedule social campaigns days, weeks or even months in advance. Using it’s “Social Helpers” feature, I can vary my social media content – using text, images or video as needed – so that the posts are always fresh and new.

social media promotion coscheduleOnce I build out my template for repeating posts, I can drop any piece of content into it and have my social postings automatically scheduled for me. If I want to double-check to see when a post is going out, I can easily review my content calendar from inside WordPress. Most other tools force you to go to another site to do this, making it more time consuming. Having it all in one place allows me to spend less time on managing social posts and more on creating content for my site.

I’m also a big fan of the ReQueue feature. With ReQueue I can schedule my best performing social media posts so that they get sent out multiple times – redirecting visitors back to my “evergreen” content. ReQueue can also fill gaps in my publishing schedule…determining the most popular posts and sending them out when there are gaps in my schedule.

I also love the email automation integration. MailChimp users can add their mail campaigns to their CoSchedule calendar. This ensures that social media posts and email content are timed perfectly for maximum promotion for my website content.

Once my social templates were set up, I had enough confidence in CoSchedule to put it in “set it and forget it” mode. I let it determine what messages get posted to my social networks, and when. Again – doing so gives me more time to focus on content by reducing the time I spend promoting it on social media.

I also really like the headline analyzer tool that comes along with the CoSchedule plugin for WordPress. I’m still learning how to write the most impactful and attention-grabbing headlines for my posts. This tool really helps me create better headlines. By analyzing my use of common and uncommon words as well as emotional and powerful words, I get an overall score for the strength of my headline.

It also tells me whether the headline has too many (or too few) words or characters. Having a headline that’s too long (or too short) can make visitors move past your posts and off your site.

I can see my visitors tick up week over week, and my bounce rate has gone down as well. CoSchedule is helping me write the best headlines for my audience, and then remind them of my content using my social media networks. All in all, CoSchedule is getting me the results I’d hoped for – it’s the cheapest and fastest VA I’ve ever had!

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  1. Thank you so much for the review! I love reading what our users like about CoSchedule and see what they find the most valuable.

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